Startup Focus 2 – More Innovations in Asia

IDEA members & other guests gathered on Tuesday evening to listen to 6 startups share about their companies along with insights and perspectives they’ve learnt. These are some of the key insights that I gathered from the event in finding new business opportunities: 1)  Gaps lie in processes and the value chain of businesses – innovate and solve them FoodRazor … Read More

NTUC Career Talk: Stand Out in Your Career

IDEA NTUC Career Talk Workshop

On Thursday, 24th August 2017, a total of 170 IDEA and NTUC Future-U members were invited to attend a career talk at the NTUC Center. Speakers Stephen Krempl and Lau Kok Yin shared invaluable strategies for those looking to be valued more at work, or to ace that next interview. Here’re some of the key takeaways of the event: On … Read More